Unifying Bryophytes!

Both species of Bryophytes mentioned on our blog have many similar characteristics that signify that they are mosses in the division of Bryophyta. For example, mosses do not have leaves. Instead, they have leaflets that are one cell thick. Rather than having roots, mosses have rhizoids. In addition, they do not have vascular tissue; therefore, they must live in moist environments. Also, both mosses use diffusion. Structurally, our two species of moss had the follwing: a capsule, seta, leaflets, calyptra, peristome teeth, and rhizoids. Unlike gymnosperms, ferns, and angiosperms, mosses have a gametophyte dominant life cycle. All of these qualities and characteristics are what make mosses so unique, and as you can tell, the mosses we discussed have all these characteristics in commmon.


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